Slovenian Third Age University

National Association for Education and Social Inclusion

Established in 1984 by specialists in andragogy and adult education, Slovenian Third Age University is a nation wide set network of currently 52 third age universities. It pursuits research as well as adult education and older adult education (for personal growth, employment, voluntary work and active citizenship) as well as setting up intergenerational learning practices. It has developed an 80-hour programme for specialists in older adult education and delivers courses for them. Moreover, over the last three years it has been active in researching and alleviating symptoms of dyslexia in adults. Over the thirty-three years its educational and advocacy activities pertaining to older people have been accompanied by permanent and wide public awareness campaigning. All its educational endeavours simultaneously meet individual, group, and local community needs.

Slovenian Third Age University is typically a multiplier who has been bringing new actors into education in later life in Slovenia (libraries, museums, hospitals, botanical gardens). It has had a consultative role in national and European organisations (AGE Platform Europe, UN, European Commission). Slovenian Third Age University has introduced theory and practice of cultural voluntary mediators in museums and other public institutions, creating new social roles for older people and students, education of older people for local development, guidance or integrated counselling for active ageing, etc.

Slovenian Third Age University has been engaged in a fair number of bilateral (MATRA) and EU projects ( PEFETE 1, PEFETE 2, FORWARD, FORWARD TRAINER, LACE, IANUS, AESAEC, SENIOR, DANUBE NETWORKERS, PERSONAL TOWN TOURS , FORAGE, ECIL, CINAGE, DIGITAL DANUBE, REFUGEESIN, etc.). It is a founding member of EMIL, intergenerational network and international association DANET, Danube Networkers for Europe based in Ulm and Civil Society Forum. It has been organising a fair number of national and international conferences and seminars in the field pertaining to older peoples’ issues and education, etc.

On a monthly basis it publishes national and international electronic news as well as its electronic publication Mentor and Knowledge addressing educators in older adult education. It has published a number of scientific monographs, scientific as well as professional articles. It has become a “learning centre” for university students and it set up a specialized public library and resource centre.

Slovenian Third Age University is a member of EURAG, ESREA, DANET, and other networks.


  • To provide older people’s permanent access to culture and education for personal growth, better employability and active citizenship
  • To provide integrated counselling and guidance as well as opportunities for active ageing
  • To enable older people to get interpersonal support (knowledge, skills, information, emotional support)
  • To conduct research of older adult education and specific learning difficulties
  • To enable professionals of all generations to be active in the field of older adult education and/or to enter labour market and remain there
  • To raise awareness about older people, old age and and the role of older adult education

Karina Sirk, MA:EU project manager,

Poljanska 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia



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