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English for beginners

This English course is designed for senior adults. The course is designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of English. In this course students are acquainted with the English reading rules, grammar, vocabulary, and taught correct use of English.

English for travellers

The objective of this course is to acquire the basic vocabulary and structures you need to travel abroad. We cover the main travelling topics and have examples of how to use the words or expressions in context. In the dialogues, you will learn the most advisable way to ask or answer question in a polite way. It is not only important that you know the words to say something, you should also be aware of the most suitable way to say it.

Improve your Catalan level

This course is addressed to adult learners, to people who have already studied Catalan but have forgotten it and would like to improve their level. It is not a course that can be found in an adult educational centre or a Language school. After many years teaching Catalan to adult learners, the developer of this course realised that explaining grammar or spelling rules in the traditional way does not guarantee that they acquire that knowledge as they are in a life-stage full of other duties. They prefer learning the language actively and, in that way, feel more motivated. Since language can be learnt in infinite ways and Internet has a wide range of sites where you can study grammar and spelling, this course is going to be practical and it will focus on development of attention and memory skills which will be dealt with through poetry and interaction in social networks.

European identity

This course is meant to deepen your understanding and the understanding of your students regarding the complex concept of identity, be it personal, collective or European. It is also meant to enable you to make a difference between the active ageing policies and active ageing of individual older people. It will make you understand that in today's society co-operation of generations is needed, based on older people's freedom to work and participate in society.

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